Columbia Missourian


As a page designer at the Columbia Missourian, I utilized Airtable for print planning and Adobe InDesign with Blox CMS to design news and sports sections for the daily newspaper.  Additionally, I collaborated closely with the editorial team to ensure seamless integration of visual elements, engaging headlines and compelling imagery that captured the essence of the news stories and sports events covered in each section. During my time at the Missourian, I developed expertise in designing on deadline, prioritizing readability, and adhering to a defined stylebook.






Vox Magazine feature

This design was a part of a class assignment to redesign an existing article into a feature story for Vox Magazine. This article was originally published by National Geographic and takes a deep dive into the friendships of sharks. The layout has two alternative covers and four-pages, or two-spreads of inside content. 
I let the photographs drive the content of my design and tried to respect the photography while also creating an engaging design. I used Adobe Illustrator to draw the line work, waves and illustrated shark sidebar. The rest of the feature was created in Adobe Indesign. 

Newspaper feature

This newspaper feature is a redesign of the same National Geographic article adapted for magazines above. This feature is an attempt to balance the classic rules of newspaper design and incorporate content-driven presentation elements. This single-page layout was formatted for the Columbia Missourian, and I used Adobe Illustrator and Indesign to create it. 

Society of Publication Design Contest 

This design was created as an entry for SPD's student design contest. The goal was to create a two-page cover that explores a new fashion trend. This spread is a nod to '90s fashion and the trends that inspired today's looks. 

Ava Neels

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